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high key black and white

high key black and white images                

I've created some wonderful high key, black and white images as a new project I started working on for pet owners who would like more than just happy snaps of thier pets. 

This idea has now grown and has been adapted to any subject. 


Check out my new HIGH KEY GALLERY for more images.


These are a few before and after examples of high key black and white images.  These are my three terrors and I have included the original photo to show you what can be acheived. 


















For those who are wondering, Juwian and Lucy are Luciano's parents.


They look absolutely fantastic framed too!





You will need to email the images direct to me.  (The larger the image file, the better the end quality will be.)  Try and send nice, clear photos of your subject.  Don't worry about the background, as you can see, it will be removed during post production.

The final image size and qualaity will totally depend on the original image file you send, but it would be a fairly safe bet that most files will enlarge quite well to, at least, 8 X 10"

I also have a wide range of end options you can choose for your image.  From greeting cards, framed and unframed prints, poster, canvas, mattes, laminated and mounted prints.  I can even put them on t-shirts!

Please check the products and purchasing section for examples of these.

Once your item is complete, I will email you a sample image for your approval and only after that will I proceed with manufacturing. 



5 X 7"   (print only) $20.00

8 X 10" (print only) $35.00

8 X 12" (print only) $40.00

Images can be made smaller by request or larger depending on the quality of your original file.


Print and frame combinations can be ordered in small, medium and large formats creating stunning art pieces for your home. I can include a title, such as your dogs name, or untitled.  Frames are crafted from quality timbers in a range of finishes. A bright white matte works best with high key images bringing them to life. Premium ultra-clear perspex in front provides a superior finish and means the piece is lighter and easier for you to move without breaking.

Frames come in a variety of colours and styles.  

Print and frame combination from $120.00


Sizes shown are approximate only

I can also merge two or more images together to make a great group portrait shot.

If you would like me to create a wonderful high key black and white portrait for you, please contact me here.

Alternatively, you can email me at

While you're here, why not check out the images in my main galleria.

One final point, for members of OBCKCS, I'm going to offer 10% off all prices listed here.  For even further discounts, join the galleria mancuso website.  It's absolutely free.